Word Lookup Pro - Dictionary and Anagram Finder "for Words With Friends" App Reviews

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An indispensable adjunct to WWF

Great app

Love the new updates

Very helpful app

Use it frequently


I enjoy the app.the only way I can win against my wife


Works great use it all the time


I use it daily, so I must like it. It could be improved - allow more characters (9 is max on my app)

Great app

Well worth the price.

Great help

Love to new look and features. Tap on a word with def displayed, ability to switch order of words, length, score etc.

Fantastic for learning new words

Very helpful tool for expanding vocabulary and finding words made up of mostly/only vowels or mostly/only consonants.

Four stars

Love the app. Would very much like to be able to see ten letter words.


Really enjoying the anagrams (a few words not in the dictionary though). Developers want to add a feature? Searching those words within words - all the prefixes and suffixes need to be able to have many more letters on the tray ( only allowed 9). Much fun though

Good but....

This is a great App until I realized one of my opponents started using bombastic words using all 7 letters each time. Before that, we were always at par. I am not a sour grape but when you are confronted with words which are almost never heard of, you just begin to wonder... My advise is to be honest in your plays and not abuse this great App!

Great app

Easy to use and lots of helpful options to improve your score

codeword puzzles

It is an excellent source to use with codeword puzzles. I use it when totally stuck to verify my choice.

Use it fairly

Great app if you use it fairly! Helps if youre stuck with letters and cant come up with a word or you think you have a word but not sure if it exists.

Review of word pro

No enough words. Find myself googling for spelling of words.words that are words of common language not acceptable. Mani or pedi are an example. They are every day expressions.

A Scrabble Must Have

I use TWL dictionary in Scrabble and this app. Works very well, Im happy. 5 stars.

Word look up

This is way too much fun! I especially like that I can put in all available letters and it even lists all possible 2 letter words as well as the 7 to 9 letter words. And it does amazing things with blank or unknown letters. And it gives definitions so now I could write a book even I cant understand. Im learning a lot. I wish it took more than 9 letters to cover combined words.

Great app for playing scrabble

Like this app great addition to playing scrabble.


Great little app love the anagram. I like to see the pronunciation addition.

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